Friday, 31 December 2010

2001-2010: A decade to remember

As we bid farewell to  2010 and look forward to 2011, it is worth noting how the global developments of the first decade of the 21st century have impacted our lives…

One of the most revolutionary changes of this decade has been the transformation in the way we communicate.  In particular, the mobile phones became cheaply available providing access to telecommunications for the very first time in poorer countries and benefiting billions of people across the world. The  internet spread phenomenally to usher an exciting digital media age. The evolution of social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and others boosted citizen journalism.  This in turn redefined the concepts of marketing and PR, and most importantly dismantled the barriers to the free flow of information, empowering global citizens to unite and interact on one platform. And to cap it all, cutting edge devices like ipods, smart phones, tablet computers, game consoles, on –demand television and podcasts radically changed the way we consume  media.

On political front, the tragic events of 9/11 dramatically changed the dynamics of global security. New alliances were forged, old alliances went to war.  Sadly, terrorism spread – killing thousands from Mumbai to Madrid, London to Karachi.  And, as we step into the next decade, terrorism will remain one of the biggest threats to global peace and harmony.

 Climate change became an important global issue, which scientists say, if unchecked, may turn into a major natural catastrophe during this century. The huddle of nations in Copenhagen brought together to discuss climate change in 2009 yielded little result yet this is going to be a burning issue as we move into the next decade.  Consequently it is vital that we all do our bit to become green citizens.

Economically, the recession shook the foundations of the global economy, affecting millions across the world. Clearly, there were structural flaws in the world’s financial system.  To fix the mess, the G20 was galvanised into action. It signalled a strategic shift in global power bringing together the developed and  developing nations.
The first decade also saw the economic rise of China and India as well as new innovations from developing countries: the world’s cheapest car, nano-technology and $100 laptops. China orchestrated an awesome Olympics in 2008 and South Africa, a brilliant soccer world cup in 2010. The United States elected the first black president and the EU grew from 15 to 27 members’ states.

The forthcoming  decade will be exciting as the rise of new economic powers will create a dynamic work force enabling greater exchange of knowledge, ideas and technology. The global citizens and digital natives will come to power and it will create new markets and more opportunities for growth. It is important that we seize this opportunity and together build a prosperous world.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Soaring Worldwide appoints new reputation executive as a part of growth plans.

Swindon based communications and PR agency, Soaring Worldwide, has recently appointed a new reputation executive, Suti Sahariah.
Soaring Worldwide has doubled in size year on year since it’s foundation in 2006, and Suti will be a part of company’s strategic growth plans.
0000012cf45952f08fb5fb8c007f000000000001.Suti2 Soaring Worldwide appoints new reputation executive as a part of growth plans.Commenting on Suti’s appointment, Adam Baggs, MD of Soaring Worldwide said: “We are confident that Suti’s  background and experience will enable him to make a valuable contribution to the growth of the company. It is an exciting time for Soaring Worldwide, and we look forward to Suti’s influence and enthusiasm: in particular, his knowledge and experience within fast growth areas such as digital PR. His background is also highly beneficial for our international client base.”
Suti is a post graduate in media management from the  University of Stirling in Scotland, and he joins from London based public relations company, Bell Pottinger. Suti also has an additional post graduate diploma in journalism and worked as a forward planner for the foreign affairs desk of an international TV channel based in India.
On joining the company earlier this month, Suti said: “I look forward to be a part of the dynamic Soaring Worldwide team. The company has some very exciting clients  globally. There is a great opportunity for me to learn and use my skills to help the company grow and touch new heights.”
Soaring Worldwide is becoming one of the fastest growing communications and PR agencies in the UK. The company has earned its reputation for delivering great results across all media. The company has a diverse range of national and international clients like Barbican Centre in London and Kyoto Convention Bureau in Japan.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

When opportunities knocks… never turn it down

It was a Thursday morning, 11 November 2010. Strong winds and rain battered outside. I clumsily got up from the bed, pleased that my decision made the previous night was indeed good. It’s a bad day, I thought, and travelling to  Swindon in such weather would be terrible.

I had an interview with a Swindon based communications and PR company called Soaring Worldwide. I had another interview in London on the same day. I decided to go for the later.

Minutes after, I received a call from Adam Baggs, the MD of Soaring Worldwide to confirm the interview. I apologised to Adam saying that I had another interview and prefer to have it re-scheduled on some other day. Adam said it wouldn’t be possible to change the date, but offered to bring forward the time of the  interview. He also helped me by checking out the train schedule. Adam’s friendly attitude and a sense of ownership made me overturn my half-hearted decision, and within two hours, I was sitting on a high speed train from London’s Paddington to Swindon.

I was greeted by the two directors, Adam Baggs and Helen Bassett at Soaring Worldwide’s office located in a beautiful business park. The interview was like a friendly conversation set in a formal environment. While the directors briefed me about the company’s history, work and growth plans, I was asked about my journey into the world of communications, past experiences and ambitions. The process also included writing a  press release.
The directors gave me an impression that the company is managed by a team of very dynamic experienced and kind people. I realised that the company is growing rapidly and has some very exciting clients.  I too was on a hunt for a company that could give me a platform to help build strong foundations to my career. Coming out of the interview, I realised that I may have found the company that I was looking for.
A day later I received a call from Adam saying that they wanted to offer me the job. The company also offered me a loan to help pay the  deposit for my rented house in Swindon.
I was nervous but also excited about moving to a new place. The directors of Soaring Worldwide had left a strong impression about the company’s growth story, its work ethics and eco-friendly value. I decided to join Soaring Worldwide despite being successful in two other interviews in London. I am glad to say that at this time I don’t regret my decision!